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Bill Henson – Weekly Extra

By on 10/02/2014

After browsing through one of Ms. Epp’s giant photo books I came across the artist Bill Henson. Although, most of the time some of these books don’t particularly interest me, since my photography is mostly modern art while these tend to be straight forward and a completely different form of art, Bill Henson caught my eye.

Bill Henson has actually had his pictures seized, regarding photos of a nude 13-year-old girl that came out in 2008. Henson does a variety of controversial photos that for the most part star adolescents in strange, interesting and dark ways.

Although I am not trying to get my own photos seized, or photograph anything that’s extremely controversial, his artwork did inspire me and remind of my own. I love the way he edits the photos so the sole concentration of the photo is on the subject, and in his photo Untitled #2 I am reminded of the project I may work on now. Editing the body and showing movement without a video or frame by frame.

Here is the photo Untitled #2…