Photography Classes @ MERHS

Weekly Extra 4

By on 10/02/2014

This week I decided to write my weekly extra based on Katerina Plotnikova’s photography. Over the summer I discovered her work and instantly was intrigued by it. Sophomore year, a lot of my photos were based off of fairly tails and mystical concepets. I found that this really related to what Plotnikova currently takes pictures of. She is able to create other worldly scenes that are both mystical, beautiful, and sometimes slightly unsettling. Seeing her pictures makes me want to explore surreal photos that have an undefined story behind them. I love that when I look at her photos, I have so many questions and I am genuinely interested. Moving forward, I would like to be able to create work that has multiple meanings or interpretaions. I would also love to experiment with photoshop in order to create uncommon, mystical scenes. Even if I don’t incorporate specific fairy tales, I would still enjoy creating a magical image.


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