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Reflection on Week One of our own project

By on 12/04/2014

For the first week of my own photo assignment I decided to take pictures of my good friend Avery. I decided to go somewhere that was a complete opposite to Avery (a playground). I decided to take pictures of Avery

Inspiration for my own project

By on 11/19/2014

This week we have to hand in a photo inspired from our own project. I have decided that I am taking portraits of people. I hope to stage these photos in a certain way that the photo contains mystery and

Valerie Morignat

By on 11/13/2014

Valerie Morignat is my inspiration this week. She focuses on underwater photography with people as her subjects. But, one of her projects involved lighting trees in intricate and unusual ways. This idea got me thinking of ways I could highlight other

Inspiration Post

By on 10/30/2014

Jeremy and Claire Weiss As I have already talked about, I hope to do my final project on portraits of people. These portraits should portray the person I am photographing in same way. The photo should say something about the person. I

Self Portrait

By on 10/22/2014

The photo assignment that is coming up in a few weeks is our own photography project. I have been reflecting on what type of photographer I am. My favorite project I did last year was my own project. In my

Double Exposure

By on 10/16/2014

For our last photo assignment we had to turn in a self portrait of our opposite. At first I focused on the idea of double exposure. The idea of double exposure inspired me to create an image with a long

Inspiration Post

By on 10/16/2014

For this upcoming photo assignment we have to take a non boring / non cliche photo of one of the following: landscape, flowers, cemetery, sunset/sunrise, or trees . I think that I will focus on landscape because landscapes can be

Inspiration: Opposite Self Portrait

By on 09/30/2014

This week, our photo assignment is to take a self portrait as our opposite. I am usually a fun, happy person, so my opposite would be something dark and depressing. I made a Pinterest board that has given me some

Libby Dulski: Self Portraits

By on 09/23/2014

Self-Portraits by Ben Zank Ben Zank takes self-portraits that aim to stretch the viewer’s imagination and express his feelings when words fail. Zank says that his “photographs are a way for [him] to abstractly speak my opinion and bring my

Week 2: Libby Dulski

By on 09/15/2014

This week the photo assignment is to take pictures of something we hate to take pictures of. The thing I hate taking pictures of is food. Going through Bored Panda, I have found an article in which a photographer  took